Viviana Paredes’ “Alimentos” Nourishes The Triton Museum With Glass Sculptures

(The excerpt below is from an article that was published on the Silicon Valley Voice website.)

As visitors approach the Alimentos exhibit inside the Triton Museum, intricate glass sculptures fill one’s line of sight and, in an otherwise quiet environment, visitors can hear sounds of bustling people and music?

“I traveled to Oaxaca and recorded over 60 hours of ambient sounds in and around traditional outdoor markets,” said Viviana Paredes, the artist behind the Alimentos exhibit. Paredes says that much like an aroma, including an auditory element is meant to evoke memories.

The word “alimentos” translates to “foods” or “nourishment” in English. “My intention with the work is to touch on a deeply rich tradition of foods which is a huge part of our Mexican cultural history,” said Paredes.

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