The wedding

*This was originally posted on my other blog.* "I'll bring the rings." "I'll bring soda." "I'll bring cups." "Okay, so tomorrow at lunch time, everyone meet here for the wedding!" Here meaning behind the classroom, in the nice, grassy area, under the trees. It was the perfect spot, really. There was enough shade and a … Continue reading The wedding

School lunches

*This was originally posted on my other blog.* On Wednesdays, we were served McDonald's cheeseburgers. Wednesday was probably my favorite day in elementary school (except for maybe the last day of school). I always wondered how many cheeseburgers the school had to order to feed a whole school. I also wondered if McDonald's delivered or if … Continue reading School lunches

Standing up for myself

*This was originally posted on my other blog.* I walked into my classroom, the way I always did, without paying too much attention to my surroundings. My friends and I fanned out and headed towards our assigned seats. The desks were usually pushed together in groups of four or six. Our seating chart had been … Continue reading Standing up for myself