Karen Camacho

*I interviewed Karen Camacho in 2015. She grew up in East Palo Alto and was set to graduate from Stanford University. This profile was published in the EPA Today newspaper.* “That’s such a hard question!” Karen Camacho gushed after being asked the dreaded question: What do you hope to accomplish after college? However, her shyness … Continue reading Karen Camacho

Ruben Abrica

*2nd Place Winner of the San Francisco Press Club Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards, Profile category.* *I interviewed Ruben Abrica in 2015. He is a founding member of the City of East Palo Alto, former mayor, and current city council member. This profile was published in the January 2016 edition of the EPA Today newspaper.* Most … Continue reading Ruben Abrica

Donna Rutherford

*I had the opportunity of interviewing Donna Rutherford, Mayor of East Palo Alto in 2016. This profile was published in the EPA Today newspaper.* As the city on the move, East Palo Alto requires a fearless leader who is willing to stand up for its residents. Donna Rutherford was appointed as Mayor December 1, 2015. … Continue reading Donna Rutherford

Michael Uhila

*This was published in the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of EPA Today.* You don’t hear about Buddhists starting fights at a bar. "I kept the career, but didn’t get the girl,” Michael laughs. Sitting in front of me, Michael looks relaxed and at ease with a touch of embarrassment as he makes fun of his past … Continue reading Michael Uhila